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Dear Dieter #2 – There is no magic bullet

Dear Dieter,

I see you are taking some supplements and drinking shakes.  I know, I used to do that too, but I don’t buy that stuff anymore.  Let me tell you why.

All the supplements, shakes, drinks, patches – it’s diet culture trying to pull a fast one on you.  Do you really believe a special drink is going to be the magic bullet that all of a sudden changes your life and makes you ### pounds and brings you rainbows and unicorns on a daily basis?  It’s not going to happen.  When you spend money on that crap you are buying a DREAM – a FU#KING FANTASY.  

That shit won’t do ANYTHING for you.  You don’t need it.  Every single dollar you put toward that garbage is like making a donation to an organization that’s specialty is to make all of us humans feel crappy about ourselves.  

Would you spend money on something that perpetuates the body hate machine?  Have you ever really thought about that?  What is diet culture teaching your sons, daughters, nieces, and nephews?  It’s teaching them that they need to be “fixed” because they are broken the way they are.  

Dieter, I just scrolled through the Instagram feeds of Beachbody and Isagenix.  Eww.  So much diet culture bullshittery.  Talk about exclusive – apparently Isagenix only posts selfies of young white women holding up their Isagenix shakes.  If you submit a selfie holding the shake and doing duck face, you might get featured on their feed.  

Beachbody, on the other hand, is posting photo after photo of their serving size containers, before and after photos (how degrading, I wish I could give all of the people in the before photos a hug, they are awesome as they are), and lots of diet culture masked as “be healthy, yay!”  Oh, diet culture posing as being healthy is another issue for another day.  We’ll get there, don’t worry dieter.  

There is nothing EXTREME about health.  Health is the middle way.  Read the Tao, maybe go for a walk.  Just chill, dieter.  Eat the food, sleep well.  Hold your child’s hand – study the lines.  Commit to memory what their fingernails look like.  Smell their hair.  Give your partner a hug.  Commit to memory how their arms feel around you.  These are the important things.  They are the things that are temporary.  Dieter, no matter what you try to do, we are all going to be gone one day.  Please do not spend another second thinking you need to change your appearance.  

Your Friend,

P.S. Want some resources to quit dieting?  Check out these:
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Upsetting this Fruit Basket

I am changing the format of my website.  After realizing that my interests span so much more than mixed media art, I am leaving my options open and am going to be posting more content on my blog.  Mixed media art covers A LOT of art, but I don’t know if it covers enough.


Here’s the deal.  I recently took up sewing and feel the need to share my creations and process.  I absolutely love reading other sewing blogs and I think having more resources for sewists can only be a good thing.


I am giving myself the A-OK  to post whatever content I feel like sharing – it feels so good to allow myself to post freely about other topics – maybe I will post about my life too.  I’m sure you’d all love to read about that, ha!


Going forward the look of my website/blog may change and that is ok.  I like the current format but I might be adding a few more pages.  One with my sewing projects and perhaps a page full of useful links.  Stick with me for a while, I am excited to see where this is going to go.