Diving into Digital Art

I was scrolling through Instagram last week, admiring my favorite illustrators’ work.  I was clicking on different photos, reading about the technique, inspiration, purpose of the piece, etc.  I kept seeing these tags: #digitalart, #photoshop, #procreate, #corelpainter.  I was curious.

After some frantic googling, I came across the world of digital art.  It’s not something I ever thought that I would be interested in but it turns out that I AM.  A few minutes later, I had ordered a Wacom Intuos tablet and shortly after that I was pricing out iPad Pros and new laptops.

As soon as the UPS driver delivered my Wacom Intuos, I hooked it up to my computer and started experimenting.  I had already downloaded the free software called Krita, and had watched many YouTube videos about how to get started.

Yesterday I spent time modifying a painting that I had done a few years ago.  I called this painting complete long before I should have.  It’s one that I have never felt proud of, to be honest.  Here it is before digital painting in Krita.

And here is the after:

I am hooked on digital art!  Seriously, I LOVE that it isn’t messy.  One doesn’t have to worry about paint drying out, cleaning brushes, space, you know, all that stuff that traditional artwork comes with.

My next purchase is going to have to be either an iPad Pro or a new laptop.  My current computer does not have the screen resolution or RAM to support Corel Painter.  If I go with an iPad Pro, I’ll be using the Procreate program.  Either way, I am so excited about learning a new technique and continuing to grow as an artist.

Have you tried digital art?  What do you use – an iPad or a laptop?  What program is your favorite?  I need all the advice!


Welcome Wild North

Here I am, back to blogging.  I wonder how many times I’ve stopped and started blogs in the past?  I know it’s been several.  I let my previous domain expire and I had sworn that I was never going to do this again.  Yet, here I am.

My intention is to be more active in posting.  I love to write.  This is why I keep coming back, right?  I will be covering topics that interest me, so you never know, it could be anything.

Be well my friends.