Welcome!  The purpose of my website and blog is to give myself a channel for the incessant need I have to share my creations with the world.  Instead of filling up my Facebook feed (you’re welcome, Facebook friends for saving you from this) with all my projects and thoughts, I put them here.  For a while this website was a bit stuffy – sporting a professional facade while I was selling my work at a local gallery.  Well, if you really know me that isn’t me at all.  I have a eccentric style that doesn’t fit in the gallery-esque website format.  So with that being said I am giving myself full rein to do whatever the heck I want with my website.


Since this is a bio page I guess I will tell you about me.  I live in Northwest Minnesota in a community that is small in size but large in beauty.  I love being outdoors when my allergies are not making my life miserable (about 5 days out of the year).  When I am inside I am usually putting off household chores and can be found in my “art room.”  It’s not a studio, sewing room, or Mommy’s Special Place, it’s at Art Room because that is where I pursue my creative endeavors.  I bounce between painting, collage, art journaling, and most recently have taken up sewing.


Who let’s me pursue all these interests?  That would be my wonderful husband, Brett.  We have been married for 9 years and have a son who is 7.  I think of Brett as my creative sponsor – reason being is because it isn’t cheap to have a wife (that’s me!) with a personality who will think one day, “Hmm I think I am going to start art journaling. I need the best art journal markers.  And ALL the art journals and all the online classes!”  A couple months later, “Oh, I think I’m going to try to learn watercolor, I must buy ALL the best watercolor paints, brushes, and paper!”  A couple months later, “Oh, I think I am going to start sewing.  I need a serger because everyone knows that you need a serger if you are going to make clothing.  Oh honey, look at this fabric, I must have it, think how much money we are going to SAVE if I sew all of my own clothing?!”  So as my creative sponsor he supports all my interests and never squashes my dreams. What a guy!  As long as I remain his “golf sponsor” I think I’ve got a “creative sponsor” for life.  Love him. 🙂


Please check back often to see what I’m up doing in my Art Room and life in general.  Don’t forget to say hi!