I Was Busy Doing Things

Hey, it’s me!  I’m back to update and hopefully check in a bit more than I have.  The 3 times per year doesn’t really cut it, huh?

This is going to be a quick update for what I’ve been doing and also a preview of what’s to come.

Ok, so since September I have been sewing up a storm.  Some successes, lots of failures, and many learning opportunities and lost money in between.  When something turns out the cost of fabric doesn’t really matter.  But when I mess it up, oh, now that is painful.  I had to put a ban on purchasing the custom fabric from all those Facebook groups that sell it for $20.00/yard.

My garment sewing has now merged with my love of mixed media art.  I started practicing free motion quilting so I can add textiles and stitches to the style of artworks I was creating the previous two years.  Here is an example of an art work created using only fabric and stitching.  This one isn’t finished yet but you get the idea.



Last night I started two artworks that will be shown in the Northwest Minnesota Arts Council gallery space next month.  These are going to be done on paper in my usual style but with textiles and stitching for embellishments.  I’m feeling so inspired!

Aside from my creative endeavors, my family has taken up snowshoeing.  What a great way to get outdoors.  I love the crunch, crunch of the snowshoes on snow and I enjoy the challenge of braving the cold and snowy conditions.

My husband and I went to Hayes Lake State Park for our first outing.  It was COLD.  There were times when I thought I was going to lose my fingers to frostbite but I powered through. 🙂  We had such a fun night and then went to Roseau for supper afterwards.


Yay for date night!

The three of us have gone out several times since then.  Our son caught on right away and he is a great sport with putting up with adventures.  I think he even enjoys himself, haha.

I’m a proud mom.

Look at him go!

Ok, that’s it for now.  I promise to update  on my artwork coming up.  I’m so excited about the direction it’s going.