P4P Jolly Roger Raglan

I completed the P4P Jolly Roger Raglan over Labor Day Weekend.  At first my son wasn’t quite sure if it was cool enough to wear, but after showing one of his buddies and his buddy proclaiming it was a cool shirt, my son then decided it was awesome.

jolly-roger-rag-picI used this Marvel fabric for the body and a stretch jersey ITY knit for the sleeves and neckband.  I didn’t like how the ITY fabric had a different stretch than the Marvel fabric.  I felt like that made the neckband more challenging.

One problem I have when making neckbands is that I sometimes don’t get all the layers through the serger.  That means I end up with a gap between the neckband and body of the garment.  This is super annoying but I am getting better at making sure all the layers are going through.

My current project is the Grandpa Cardi (also from P4P).  I’m hoping to finish up in the next day or so and will definitely be posting the final result.



Upsetting this Fruit Basket

I am changing the format of my website.  After realizing that my interests span so much more than mixed media art, I am leaving my options open and am going to be posting more content on my blog.  Mixed media art covers A LOT of art, but I don’t know if it covers enough.


Here’s the deal.  I recently took up sewing and feel the need to share my creations and process.  I absolutely love reading other sewing blogs and I think having more resources for sewists can only be a good thing.


I am giving myself the A-OK  to post whatever content I feel like sharing – it feels so good to allow myself to post freely about other topics – maybe I will post about my life too.  I’m sure you’d all love to read about that, ha!


Going forward the look of my website/blog may change and that is ok.  I like the current format but I might be adding a few more pages.  One with my sewing projects and perhaps a page full of useful links.  Stick with me for a while, I am excited to see where this is going to go.